GDI Strategy - SHRDallas

Get involved with current and past strategy on GDI units. Everything from "Aggro" to "Double harvester" techniques for all types of GDI decks.
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GDI Strategy - SHRDallas

Post by SHRDallas » Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:22 pm


Getting your MLRS strategy down is the best way to start working range 2 units into your strategy and at least for me it was an easy way to get into masters. I'm not the best player but i'm proficient with this MLRS strategy clear into masters 2.

First thing i like to do when building an MLRS deck is

1. Missile Troopers for cheap vehicle / air defense.
2. Snipers for infantry to infantry domination.
3. Dogs for cheap mechanical to open and occupy pads cheaply, and early game infantry killers.
4. Slingshot for mid to late game ground to air DOMINATION!
5. MLRS because it is range 2 & that is what this deck is all about.
6. Talon for cheap air to air and air to infantry defense.

Commander. I usually load up Col. Jackson for this to speed up my MLRS, my anti air defense or anti infantry. This strategy works well with Lt. Strong arm because you can use her turret to block anything, on the spot, from getting in front of your MLRS while it is working.

Now you have a deck you can trust you want to get a few things in your head before you start a match with this deck.

MLRS-onpadstart.jpg (21.61 KiB) Viewed 94 times
1. You do not have strong units. First thing you want to do is take the pads. open with a scout like Missile Troops or Dogs, then send them to the pad. If your opponent gets on the pad early missile get off to prevent missile stalling out. That means you need to get off of the pad while your opponent charges the missile until you can take the pad back wile preventing the missile from stalling.
MLRS-offpadstart.jpg (22.98 KiB) Viewed 94 times
2. You have to take the first missile and the second missile, again you do not have strong units and you have to get it over with before your opponent has time to make enough money to support large expensive units that will crush this deck.

3. open with your Wheels or Missile Troopers to get a scout. I prefer Wheels to defeat those pesky Scavengers and you can 2 on 1 Missile Troops or Laser Squad early game to stall time building missile and making money. Also early game you can mineral block a double harvester open with wheels

4. If you see Shock Troopers or Flame Troopers send out the dogs early game. Missile Troops protecting them send in the Dogs with Snipers behind them.

5. Get that MLRS out early if your opponent comes with heavy tech, just remember move him like chess one or two squares when he is made then one square at a time to re position with proper air support.