Balance Patch: July 31st

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Balance Patch: July 31st

Post by Davo » Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:05 am


“This is to prevent the near 100% uptime Liang had. This should give a more clear window to attack in
as well as punish the Liang player more if the drone is killed.”
• Cooldown increased to 35 from 30

“Giving Orca back a little power.”
• Reload time decreased to 9 seconds from 10 seconds.

Solomon - Ion Cannon
“This should allow Solomon players to hit a bit harder against something that manages to just leave the
center hex.”
• Damage now gradually decreases with distance from the center tile.
“Slingshot has proven it didn’t need that buff.”
• Cost increased to 50 from 40

Zone Trooper
“Fixing Zone troopers infantry damage after their recent buff.”
• Infantry damage reduced to 63 from 75.


“Artillery was proving to be frustrating and hard to approach. This will push it more into a support role
as it was intended.”
• Time between attacks reduced to 3.9 from 3.6
• Damage to vehicles reduced to 1000 from 1250

”Avatar should feel much more impactful against ground units, solidifying its place as the Nod “Super
• Damage to vehicles increased 160 from 150
• Damage to infantry increased 150 from 140

“Giving the Banshee a cost reduction to better align with its power level.”
• Cost decreased to 50 from 60

“Reducing the clunkiness of the Basilisk”
• Turn speed increased to 125 from 75
Flame Tank
“Giving the Flame Tank more tools to complete its job but reducing its base damage to prevent any
toxic strategies from arising.”
• Speed increased to Fast from Avg
• Cost decreased to 90 from 110
• Structure Damage reduced to 300 from 425

Laser Drones
“The laser drone buff proved to be too much so we are reverting it.”
• Attack Speed decreased to 1.5 from 1.2.
• Damage vs. Vehicles decreased to 80 from 92.
• Damage vs Harvesters increased to 72 from 68.

Jade – Catalyst Missile
“Slight bump to bring her more in line with other commanders.”
• Cost decreased to 80 from 90

“This unit while powerful was unable to reach the pads in time to be impactful. This change should
• Speed increased to average from slow

“This change will make it more risky to rush harvesters with scarabs.”
• Cost increased to 40 from 30

Stealth Tank
“Returning the S-Tanks speed and health back but giving a cost bump to make it less spammable.”
• Health increased from 1650 to 1800 Speed increased to Fastest from Faster
• Cost increased to 100 from 90

Tick Tank
“Bringing up Tick Tanks power to make it more desirable compared to a Scorpion Tank.”
• Cost reduced to 70 from 80
• Time between attacks reduced to 2.8 from 3.0

“This is to give Nod tech a slightly stronger option for Anti-Air.”
• Time between attacks reduced to 1.4 from 1.5

Thanks Captain Benzie for patch notes

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